Island Time - great value to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and other Pacific Islands

Calling friends and family in the Pacific Islands can be expensive, so here's a way to call the Islands for less.

Great rates to the Pacific

Island Time has great rates to Tonga, Samoa and Fiji as well as low rates to call around New Zealand.   Rates apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

NZ mobile to NZ mobile calls - special low rate

Island Time offers a special calling rate for calls from NZ mobiles to NZ mobiles using Compass' unique Mobile Call Back Service, with PIN saved.

These calls cost 19c + GST per minute. They're charged in 1, then 3 minute increments, and the final call cost is rounded up to the nearest 5c. See more detail at right.

Available in thousands of locations

You can buy or recharge an Island Time phone card from one of thousands of stockists all over New Zealand - including dairies, convenience stores and supermarkets.

Mobile call back service

Calling from NZ mobile to NZ mobile
  1. Dial 014 188 from your mobile phone, let the phone ring once and hang up
  2. You will receive a call back, then follow the voice prompts to make your call

To use the Mobile Call Back Service, you must save your PIN to your mobile phone or a 10c + GST PIN verification fee will apply. Read the pinless calling instructions.


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